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little miss happy 

Well, color me the last person on the planet to discover how complicated it is to get songs from your iTunes library to play in other formats.  If you imported the songs to iTunes from CDs, it’s straightforward enough, you just need to convert the mp4s to mp3s.  There’s a way to do this in iTunes, but I used Aimersoft Video Converter, it was way less complicated.  The evaluation copy was free, but it’s limited use, i.e., it will only convert up to three minutes of audio, or if it’s a video, it will play with a watermark.  I went ahead & paid $35 for the program; I did a lot of looking around & I didn’t find anything that was as simple to use as this was and also free, so I just bit the bullet & spent the money.  I’m not the sharpest sandwich in the drawer when it comes to technology, but I think this will come in handy later on if I want to manipulate video files.

But what about the songs I bought from iTunes, the ones I paid .99 a pop for?  Turns out those files are locked, per DRM.  So I found a program, and this one’s free, called my(fair)Tunes, that basically encodes your purchased iTunes tracks while streaming them in real time, and then spits them back, an unlocked mp4 with all the song info still intact.  Then I use my Aimersoft program to convert them to an mp3.  Whee!

Read more about the Hymn (Hear Your Music aNywhere) Project here.

Um, is this illegal?  Am I going to jail?